Welcome to the Norvaeum Campaign

We are playing on Roll20.net, on Mondays at 4:30PM Central time, using the Pathfinder Rules.

The Norvaeum Campaign is set in the underdark of Tira. In the innumerable caves, caverns, and rifts, many nations compete for limited resources. Most of the resources are held by the seemingly benevolent though strict traenae. And others seek to gain the resources through, trading, raiding, or outright war.

Between the main traenae kingdom of Laidae and the powerful hobgoblin nation of Khazidorn, lies teh buffer confederation of Paefal. While vigilant against aggressors, the Paefalnae were peaceful collection of several racial groups living in relative harmony. But recently emissaries started disappearing. Elves and gnomes are fleeing seeking refuge where ever they can, even in Khazidorn. The refugees tell of cleansing fires, and that even priests and bards are being put to the stake. One day their neighbors were perfectly normal, the next wake period, they were killing elves, gnomes, and any spell-weaver.

Adventuring groups are being hired by Laidae and Khazidorn to protect the borders, investigate the cause of these changes, or help persecuted groups flee to safety. And while the fate of Paefal is in the front of everyone’s minds, there are still drow and goblin raiders to deal with. Undead still plague many enclaves from time to time. Ancient evils long buried, are still being “brought to light”. And fiends, both mortal and immortal, continue to plague the innocent.

Heroes are needed to face the dangers and emerge victorious. Fortune, Fame, and Glory await.


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